Holistic,grief and trauma counselling

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Cognicare is a Gauteng and online based private practice. Meaning if you opt for online sessions, you can have them from anywhere! We are mostly made up of counsellors and coaches. At Cognicare we are highly passionate about helping people live healthier lives by being intentional and taking care of their mental wellbeing. Whether you’re looking to work through some stuff for yourself, your family, or your company, we have the experience and dedication needed to help you achieve your desired results! Cognicare was established for YOU!


In-person sessions & Coaching

You are guaranteed a safe, objective and professional session with our staff members. Confidentiality is highly valued at cognicare, which means your sessions will be dealt with, with diligence

Corporate Wellness

We firmly believe that for any organisation to run effectively, there must be a strong organisational culture that focuses on the holistic wellbeing of their employees 

Virtual sessions & Coaching

We love and appreciate how easy and effective technology makes life today! This is why we are also an online based counselling practice.

the process

1) fill out the contact form

Would you like to enquire on anything regarding our work ? or would you like to book a session with us? Simply complete our contact form or email us on

You may also WhatsApp or call us on 0715127166

2) onboarding

Upon completion of our contact form, a suitable counsellor or coach will be assigned for you and will contact and introduce themselves to you. They will also send you an initial form where you tell them a little bit about yourself and any areas they might need to pay special attention to before they commence sessions with you.

3) Start sessions

Once the “get to know your client” phase is completed (which is basically just a few minutes.) your counsellor will discuss suitable days and times for your sessions . Your counsellor will walk through your healing journey with you.


Holistic counselling largely focuses on the entirety of an individual. This means that when you come to us with a problem, we will look at it from all perspectives which include but not limited to; mental, physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual. We leave no stone unturned!
With the extensive experience we have in trauma, we always aim to support our clients in the best way possible. Trauma , among many other mental experiences, can result in negative physical and emotional responses in an individual’s life. Trauma referes to any experience, or witnessed experience that can result in stress or fear in your life. In many cases, people find themselves behaving in ways they do not understand. Trauma can easily result in PTSD, depression or anxiety disorders. Counselling is a safe space to deal with traumatic experiences.
Group therapy can so much help people be in the same room with individuals who have had similar experiences. This way, through the facilitation of their counsellor, the individuals can learn new coping strategies from fellow group members while also realising that they are not alone.
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