Holistic counselling largely focuses on the entirety of an individual. This means that when you come to us with a problem, we will look at it from all perspectives which include but not limited to; mental, physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual.We leave no stone unturned!

As a qualified trauma specialist, I always aim to support my clients in the best way possible. Trauma , among many other mental experiences, can result in negative physical and emotional responses in an individual’s life. Trauma referes to any experience, or witnessed experience that can result in stress or fear in your life. In many cases, people find themselves behaving in ways they do not undetstand. Trauma can easily result in PTSD, depression or anxiety disorders. Counselling is a safe space to deal with traumatic experiences.

Group therapy can so much help people be in the same room with individuals who have had similar experiences. This way, through the facilitation of their counsellor, the individuals can learn new coping strategies from fellow group members while also realising that they are not alone.

Counselling is for everyone!

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